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Today's name of the day is Tal and it means rain.

  Choosing your baby's name

Choosing your baby's name is something all parents look forward to. You may have a favourite name in mind during or even before the pregnancy, or you may prefer to wait until after the birth to see what will suit your baby.

Families can also be quite demanding when it comes to naming children. Whilst consideration should be given to the suggestions of your mum, dad, brother, sister and other relatives you should remember that ultimately the decision is yours. You should never be pressurised in to giving your child a particular name by overbearing family members.

Sometimes, family members and even distant relatives can come up with wonderful names - and some simple and unique ones that you may have never thought of. Never underestimate their ages of experience and knowledge that is gained by hands on knowledge of life. Also, you can take it or leave it - you are under no compulsion to pay heed to their advice.

Keep it simple and sweet. Start thinking of names early since you are likely to change your mind later.

  The perfect baby name
On choosing the perfect name for your baby, every family takes a different approach. Some parents choose an ordinary name. For others the choice is very difficult thing and they prefer to choose something extraordinary and creative. But of course every parent wants to give his child a perfect name.

You can select the name from different categories like; the section that displays only boy's or girl's name or you can select any particular language you need the name from (like English, Greek, French, Latin and so on). You can also select the category of modern name or ancient name or mythological name.

Baby's name can also be selected according to the region you live in, for example Asian names, Japanese names, Indian names, French names, Greek names, American names, European names and so on.

  Tips for baby names

Make sure that you do not get carried away. Don't give your child the latest wacky fad name on the spur of the moment and then regret it for the rest of your life. Names can become dated very quickly so you also need to think about how the name may sound in 10 or 20 years time.

Say the name out loud and see how it sounds. Imagine someone calling you with the name. See if it sounds strange or if you'd mind having that for your name. You also need to think of the nicknames that can be associated with it. If you don't like the feel of it, don't go for it.

Today's name of the day is Iduna and it means beloved.

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